Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Solving the impulsivity

I often feel that I am an impulsive person. I often fell in love with things, especially shoes, that I actually don't really need. That makes me feel like I can't help my self but spending my money on it, without any further consideration. Fortunately, I don't have much money to carry around in my wallet so it doesn't happen every time. Nevertheless, I still feel that I need to cut this impulsiveness or I'll broke. 

This is one example:

I bought these shoes few years ago. Its Giffa for Alun-Alun Indonesia. I bought them because they was a love at a first sight. I remembered that I literally begged to my mom to give me some extra money to buy it. But then, since I brought them home, they become the shoes that I wore the least. For this past few years, I only wore them less than 4 times. Huh!

Am I sorry for them? Yes and no.
Yes, because I feel that I have wasted my money for something that I didn't need. These beauties need someone who can shower them with her love by wearing them more often. Not like me, who puts them in the box most of the time.
And No, because I loved them. I love the cuts, the material. That's why I bought them even though my size was out. This pair is actually 1 size bigger than my usual size.

So the question remains. What should I do to stop being impulsive? I think it becomes a problem that I need to solve. But how?

Mas Ewa (one of my lecturer in campus) once advised us to buy a famous problem solving book:

He said that this book can help us in finding the answer to our problems. That this book can lead us to be critical in every single thing we do. I haven't read it yet, but since my impulsiveness is a problem that I need to solve, can I have the answer by reading this book? I'll figure it out. Soon. *finger crossed.

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