Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Lesson from Special Children

Whoaah, it seems like I've been ignoring this blog for a while.  
I've been busy with my assignments and reports, not to mention that I have to visit a special school for children with special needs.

As a graduate student in psychology, I feel that I've been given lots of opportunities to look around. To look at other people, understand their condition, and accept them for whoever they are. 

As my recent visits to the institution, I see children with their limitation. Physically handicapped, low visioned, deaf, cognitively disabled, and autism. No one ever wish or even dream to have that kind of condition, right? Some of them just born with it. But they never complained, they just try to live to the fullest. Saw them playing around, studying, and interact with each other happily is like a slap in the face. I'm in a great health, physical, cognitive, and psycho social condition, have a great family & home, enough pocket money to buy things I want, lots of food to eat, and so much more. But why am I still complaining? They made me feel blessed with what I had. I realize that God have given me so much. 

Therefore, despite the fact that I have to make the report, I am really thankful of this visit. Its been an eye opener experience, a wake up call that money can't buy. I hope that I can remember those children whenever I started complaining. And hopefully, I can grow to be a more grateful person. :)

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