Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hysteria Re-United

Spent my Saturday night with my girls from high school. We called our self Hysteria, since we couldn't stop laughing to each other, like crazy.  Last night, we laughed out loud non stop for like, 3 hours? Even the simplest topic, such as food, can be so entertaining. I always had a great time when I'm with them. So bad that I don't have a nice picture that I can put in this blog.

One thing that made my Sat night more special was that my BF was beside me. Not literally, but he was on the same venue. Actually he got his own gathering with his boys, but he asked them to come to the place where I met my friends, so that he still could picked me up and drove me back home safely. We also still have our quality time in his car in our way go and back home. For me, I think that is so sweet. :) 
 Cardigan - NN:02, Skirt - LM for Hardware, Clogs - Retail Therapy, Belt - Dad, Clutch - Cotton Ink, Ring - Bazaar

I LOVE Nikicio, especially their NN:02 Rideaux Mous Collection. That's where this cardigan came from. It can be worn in multiple way you know, but I wore it in its simplest way. I just made a little twist by rolling its sleeves. :p

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