Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sneakers kinda girl

Adidas - Lady Leisure W

I plan on having a pair of sneakers since years ago but never really take an action to buy one. Reasons are plenty: don't know when or where I'm gonna wear it (don't like to workout that much), also think that sneakers don't match my personality. I always see my self in ballerina flats or heels, so I think that sneakers will make me look silly. I didn't mean that I never wore sneakers my entire life. My white converse was my loyal companion during high school and early college, but it was about 4 years ago. Long enough to make me forget how does it feel to wear sneakers. :P

On the other hand, my bf doesn't feel the same. I think that's the reason why he decided to bought this pretty pair for me. I was initially hesitant to agree with his decision, but I love them so much! especially for their vibrant colors: hot pink and orange. Nevertheless, I still have no idea how to rock it, yet its worth to try. *finger crossed.

p.s. Thank you babyyyy..


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