Thursday, November 24, 2011

All things cool!

So happy that I get a chance to come to the opening night!
Looking forward to see some new collection from various local brand, such as NikicioCotton Ink, Petite Cupcakes, Clementine by Mimsy, Nine-12, Geulis, ColoRiot, and so much more..

Hope that I won't burn my wallet. Hehe..

See you all there! x


  1. Sishiii.. beli apa aja di Brightspot?? I wish I could come :(

  2. Hi Nixie, It surely an event you don't wanna miss. ;)

    Cheelaaaa, gw jadinya beli kemeja dari Argyle&Oxford. Keren2 cheel, banyak yg bikin mupeng. Lo kpn balik? Next time kita pergi bareng yuuukkk.. :D


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