Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello girls!
How is your new year so far? Mine is good. :)

Tshirt - Cotton Ink, Vest - Unbranded, Jeans - Gaudi, Bag - My Bagstage, Shoes - June+Julia

Today is a productive day for me. I managed to finish my report and watched "Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol" with my boyfriend. Alhamdulillah.

And speaking of new year, I think that I need to write down some of my new year resolution so that I won't forgot. (not in particular order):
 - Graduate and become a Child Psychologist -
- Get married -
- Recite Quran on a daily basis -
- Pray 5 times a day -
- Shop less, save/donate more -
- Travel to Solo & Yogyakarta -

Hope that I can achieve them all. Bismillah.. :)


  1. love the dots and red!! amazing shoes!!

  2. Thank you so much dear Stellaaa :)

  3. Lovely shoes! I'm a big fan of june and julia shoes too<33

  4. Salam, I like a lot your outfit, and the shoes are totally awesome.
    And about your resolution, InshaAllah you'll make all them, and talking about pray five times per day, I should join to you, I make all the effort to do so, but sometimes I fail.

    PT: How was the film? I would like to watch it, do you recomend it to me?

  5. Aww resolution #2! Another friend planning to get married this year..hihihi..please let me know to save the date ;)

  6. @ Claudia: thank you so much!! yes, their products are amazing pieces in affordable price! can't wait for their new webstore & design. :)

    @ Laila: thank you Lailaa.. I hope that you can achieve your resolutions as well. :) about the movie, i love it! i think its entertaining and tom cruise is still a darling. hehe. but thats my first time watchin' mission impossible since i haven't watch the prequel (1,2,3) so maybe there's a little bias in my opinion. :)

    @ Cheela: Cheliiiiii.. hihi.. itukan baru rencana, nnt deh ya kl udah pasti eike kabar2i lagi.. yg pasti sih kyknya stlh lo balik ke indo. mid year kan ya? hihi

  7. kok comment gw ga ada ya??

    kewooooonnggg sishi mau kewoooonngggg *paniiikk


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