Sunday, February 26, 2012

knock knock

Wow, its been a week since my last post! 
a tough week. for me. week full of hard work & even tears.
you know, i'm in my last semester in Uni and i really want to graduate as soon as possible.
but situation seems to be running in different direction.
i still have LOTS to do. i still need to make LOTS of reports. but i'm struggling. i never thought that it'll be this hard. but it does. things have been piling up as result of my procrastination. *screaming*
and what makes it even worst, my supervisor talked to me few days ago. she questioned my commitment in becoming a psychologist, that i may not have what it takes to be one. that if i didn't change my working manner and make progress, i may not graduate this semester or maybe ever. *burst into tears* 
but it seems like i still have a good luck. Alhamdulillah, she gave me another opportunity. very tight deadline to submit my reports.
i felt my spirit pumped. i don't wanna let her (and myself) down, so i worked my ass off. and i did it!! *hurraayyy*
i've finished and submitted my reports. *pfiuh* 
now i feel sooooo relieved. i feel happy. tears have turn to smile. i know that those reports may not perfect yet, but i've tried my best. hope that she can sees it. *finger crossed*

moral of the story:
sometimes all you need is someone to knock your head.


  1. Semangat Shi! Tetep semangat kayak gini ya sampai kasus 10. Eh enggak ding, sampai tesis. Hihi :)

    1. Deviiiiii... makasih yaaa.. iya nih. harus terus dipupuk biar bisa terus semangat smp tesis. i come! hihi

  2. aww i am glad you have a new found burst of inspiration! sometimes even negative comments can make you work harder. wish you all the best :)

    1. i couldn't agree more! thank you Sarah! :D


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