Thursday, February 2, 2012


Keep on saving every penny of my money (its rhyming.. i know) to buy one of these pretty sandals from Zara.

They're pretty aren't they? 
I haven't seen them in Zara Indonesia stores, which is good so I still have some time to save my money. ;)
oh, and just a quick update about my attempt to have an I.K.Y.K palazzo. I still got nothing. So I believe that it is perfectly safe to have a new wish: these Zara sandals. hehe..

Which one do you like most?


  1. Absolutely the second pic! Pretty! :)

    1. Cheelaaaa, iya gw jg suka bgt yg kedua tp harganya lebih mahal.. hampir 2/3 lebih mahal dari yg gambar pertama d kl ga salah.. huhu


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