Monday, March 19, 2012


Hello universe!
Time is flying and we're back on Monday.
Aaannd, I have something to share. :)

Taken from Youtube

One of Full House soundtrack.
Ahhh, I just can't say loud enough to show you how much I love this Korean drama. I love love love love love it! When it started airing few years ago, I literally go home right away each and everyday so I won't miss any episodes. Their romantic & funny story makes me wanna jump on a plane, go to Korea, and find a soulmate. Man of my destiny. Hehe..
It really was a great memory. I'm willing to refresh those great memory over and over again. And I can, since it has been back on air in my local tv channel. Wohooo!

Happy Monday! :)


  1. full house ini korean drama pertama yang aku suka :D

    1. Me too!! Skrg tiap malem aku kuasain remotenya biar ga ada yg ganggu aku nntn. hihi


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