Monday, June 25, 2012

Round & Round


Necklace/Shirts (one as inner, one as outer) - Unbranded (old), Jeans - Gaudi (old), Bag - Winny's (old, via Metro Dept.), Sunnies - Asos (new, still available), Shoes - Flats for Jade (old) 

Hope you guys don't freak out seeing my face in close up. Actually am not really sure whether this round shape sunnies suit my face well, but I still give it a go. Hehe..

This one is a late post. 
I wore this ensemble few days ago to watched Snow White and The Huntsman with my friend. Have you watched it? I think it has a good story line and costumes. I adore the evil queen's dresses, which are full of intricate details. What about you?


Care to share your thought? :)