Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Children Book of the Year!


The title above is not a joke. This post will tell you about the children book of the year: Bella & Five Balloons (Bella & Kelima Balon). Why it is a children book of the year? Because it's made by me and my friend! Haha.. Yes! you heard me, its made by me and my friend! I made the illustrations while Devi (my friend) made the story. :D

Making story book for children has always been one of Devi's dream. Coincidentally, there is this children's book competition, held by Eye Level Organization. Devi, who has made a great story, asked me to help her with the illustrations and joined the competition. Due to deadline, we also got lots of help from our friends in coloring. Hihi.. 

Well, long story short, making this book is a dream come true! Its been so long since the last time I drew/doodled, so its still far from perfect. I still need lots of learning & practicing. However, the process gave me tons of fun and happiness. Here are the result:

Well, what do you think?
Please do share your thought & pray for us regarding the competition! :)


  1. Woww.. thumbs up!! Love the illustration..simple yet looks fun.. Keren deh..

    1. cheelaaaa.. makasih yaaa.. hihi.. masih perlu banyak latihan krn gambarnya msh banyak yg miring2 & kliatan kaku.. :D


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