Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home


I'm so into Pinterest lately and after spent hours browsing the web, I found many interesting ideas & inspiration that I can easily apply on my own home (DIY potential!! Well, not now, but soon. hehe..). :)

Taken from Home Sweet Home

Most of them are about simplicity, details, and hints of colors. Just my cup of tea. Old ladder can also be used as shoes hanger/display. Island in the kitchen + stools and closet + laundry room can save more space. Perfect for small houses/apartment. Hooks on the wall, eye-shocker painting, colorful pots hanging on the wall, & jar of flowers are intricate details to please the eyes. They can bring more modern feel to your home too. My favorites are the world map wallpaper and pink ombre curtain. Come on, do I still need to explain? ;)
For more of my pins, please, feel free to visit my board here. :)


  1. These home ideas are just too beautiful! I especially love the ombre curtains. Reminds me of a top i got from h&m looking exactly like it. Hehe.

    And i love your outfits too! Thank you for dropping by on my page sweets.


    1. aww, they really are, aren't they? thank you so much, Fatin! xo


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