Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birthday Party Ideas


It's really been a while from my last post. Huhuhu.. Leia (my baby girl) is 10 months 3 weeks old now. She's really active and love to walk around the house, like 10+ times a day! (Yes, she can walk already!) Hehe.. I don't have any home assistant, so I spend most of my time at home playing and taking care of her. I miss blogging, but I also cherish every second I spend with my baby. :)

Nah, Leia will be having her 1st birthday next month. I plan on having a picnic theme birthday bash. Excited! Here's some of my inspiration.

all are taken from here

I'm so excited with this project! Planning on DIY-ing those honeycomb balls, hats, and photo gallery. I'll try to keep you posted, okay? Hehe.. Wish me luck! :D

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  1. Aduuuuhhhh itu lucu bangeeetttt sishiii >_<
    ih ih ih pengen bikin pesta2an juga ih *tapi ngepestain apaan ya huahahaha*
    plis plis plis diupdate ya DIY2 pestanya ;D
    coba rumahnya deketan aku bantuin deh, hobiiii


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