Monday, September 5, 2011

Bandung, West Java - I

Went to Bandung with my bf and friends!! Yippieeee.. This was the trip that I've been looking for to refresh my mind and have fun! 

Here are some photos:

Strike a pose while waiting for the boys performed their Friday prayer in Jalan Citarum.

Cardigan - NN:02 (as seen here), Jeans - Gaudi, Shoes - Giffa for Alun-Alun Indonesia, Various gold and green Bangles - Bazaar
Stopped in Nanny's Pavilion Garden at Jalan R.E. Martadinata to had lunch. *please ignored my stupid face. ;p
Moi, Adi, Sujar, Sari, *Bagas took the picture
Then spent the rest of the evening in Cocorico at Dago Pakar before headed back to Jakarta. Nice place indeed!
The view from our seat. Beautiful eh?
Me & him

I had so much fun! but this trip was not over yet. :D

To be continue...


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  2. love that tops. looks comfy, isnt it?

  3. @iegha: sooo comfy! and it can be used in multiple ways.. thanks for your visit and salam kenal yaaa.. :)


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