Monday, May 21, 2012



Shirt - Cotton Ink (old), Pants - Nikicio Femme (Femme Summer: 2012 coll), Shoes - Flats for Jade (old), Clutch - Zara (old), 
Necklace - Craftina 2011

So glad to finally update my blog with outfit post! Hehe.. 
This was actually my yesterday outfit. I wore them to a movie date with my boyf. Talk a bit about the outfit, this pants is my favorite. Not just because its from my fav brand, its colors and prints totally can boost my mood, and makes me feel happy all day. What can I ask for?  I'm just hoping I still can have the blazer. Hehe..


  1. Celananya kece! Mauuu.. Kalo di Brightspot ada ngga ya shi??


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