Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Lives

One of the cutest collection from the one and only, Argyle and Oxford!
They're made by 2 cute and talented Indonesia's local designer with quirky and fun esthetics. 

Photos are taken from their facebook page

Two Lives is Argyle and Oxford's prefall 2012 collection. 
What I love the most about this collection are the color palette and details. You know, pastel colors is just my cup of tea. I love them so much. And the details. See the short and dresses above? I love the way they make some intricate details with laser cut. However, my favorite piece of the whole collection is the pvc sandals (see the first pic). Soooo pretty!

This collection will firstly be available for purchase at Blueprint, Singapore from 19-20 May. As for Indonesian audience, they'll launch this collection in Brightspot Market, from 7-10 June (save your money!). Until then, you can check on the full collection here or here. Moreover you can follow their twitter for instant update. 

Enjoy! :)


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